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I have a hard time blending in. When I was a kid, I was "annoying" and as an adult, I am "a lot." Having big opinions makes you bossy, sassy, loud and aggressive. Taking up space makes you a ham.

When I was a kid, I took art classes from Jeanne Pellegrino, a local artist who offered group lessons out of her home studio in Orange Park, FL. One year, my dad decided to take her adult class. It was easier to bring me along with him than to take me to the teens class. I learned so much more being treated like an adult, and from my new up-leveled classmates. Being a small fish in a big pond is such a better formula for growth. You know those big fish ponds can feed big fish.

Lately, I've been have a bit of imposter syndrome--feeling like I won't belong in the wealth circles I need to be able to fundraise for Wildarts, or that my work isn't good enough to fit into the spaces and communities I imagine it should.

This series is called hide. It's about settling in and really belonging rather than just trying to fit in.